FAW Circle Technical Bank

Technical is a collection of 128 presets that showcase the unique sounds of FAW Circle. These sounds are perfect for the modern dance floor with cuttings leads, sinister pads and room filling basses.

Included are:
37 Bass
24 Pads
20 Leads
15 Synth
11 FX
6 Chords
6 Plucks
6 Arps,
for a total of 128 innovative and classic sounds for every style.

Act now! Supplies are limited, as even data is subject to the wiles of cosmic entropy. You will love this bank so much you will probably end up buying multiple copies for people your care about; there's that much love in them.


Some demos by the wonderful ftech!
check him out at https://soundcloud.com/ftech

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FAW Circle Technical Bank - product images